Viewing homes during your search can be intoxicating…you may walk into a house and from the moment you step over the threshold you say “this is the one!”…but is it really? I’ll admit it, I’m a gal that absolutely ooohs and ahhhs over gorgeous kitchens and fancy master baths. I will never forget when my husband and I were searching for our home now and I had this very moment…beautiful home, top-of-the-line kitchen, master bath to die for, entire house wired for sound (swoon)…the list goes on and on. And as soon as we walked out I declared “this is the one!” Luckily, my husband was the voice of reason at that moment and reminded me of all the things that were on our MUST-have list that this home clearly didn’t have or else we would have ended up in a home that just didn’t meet our needs!

It is important to remember what is on your MUST-have list, and what is just sorta nice to have. But you also don’t want to pass over a home that may not check all your boxes today when with just a little bit of sweat equity (painting, odd jobs) or even some general contractor work, you can make a house everything you want it to be. Perhaps there is already plumbing in an area that would be easy to add in that extra bathroom, or maybe there is space to put in that two-car garage. For us, we created much needed green space in our backyard by taking land from our unnecessarily long driveway. 

So what I’m really saying is know your MUST-haves vs. nice-to-haves, and honor that. But more importantly, if a home doesn’t have something on your MUST-have list, keep your mind open to the possibility of making improvements to the home so that it does meet your needs. Are you ready to talk about how to get started? Call or message me today so we can chat about how to meet your real estate goals!

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